How To Season A Blackstone Griddle? | Guide For You

Whether you’re a professional chef or an enthusiastic cook at home, the Blackstone Griddle is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to cooking dishes. With its strong cast-iron surface and great heat conductivity, you can try out different recipes – from mouthwatering breakfast skillets to tender steak dinners. But how to season a blackstone griddle is well-seasoned for optimal results every time. In this post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to season your Blackstone griddle and provide easy steps on how you can do it effectively.

What Does It Mean To Season A Griddle Or Flat Top Grill?

What Does It Mean To Season A Griddle Or Flat Top Grill?

Seasoning a griddle or flat top grill involves creating a stick-resistant and protective coating before your first cook. By doing so, you ensure that you can enjoy delectable eggs, pancakes, burgers, and fajitas for years to come. A seasoned griddle will exhibit a dark black color from edge to edge.

Why You Need To Season The Griddle Plate?

  • Seasoning creates a stick-resistant, protective coating, ensuring the preparation of delectable eggs, pancakes, burgers, and fajitas for an extended period of time.
  • A completely seasoned griddle appears uniformly dark black, from its edges to the center.
  • To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to season your griddle at least three times before the initial use.

When Should You Season Your Griddle Or Flat Top Grill?

To ensure that the food does not stick, it is recommended to season the griddle before the initial use and after thorough cleaning. This process can also be referred to as a burn-in.

What Is The Best Oil For Blackstone Griddle Seasoning?

The best oil for seasoning a Blackstone Griddle is Blackstone Cast Iron Conditioner. Alternatively, you can also use flaxseed oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, avocado oil, or extra virgin olive oil. Take a paper towel and evenly spread the oil across the entire griddle surface. Turn the heat back on to high and wait until the griddle starts smoking.

How To Season A Blackstone Griddle?

To season a Blackstone griddle, follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. Begin by using a paper towel or a microfiber towel to apply a thin layer of oil across the entire surface of the griddle.
  2. Ensure that the griddle is completely clear before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Once the griddle is prepared, turn on all of the burners.
  4. Allow the griddle to heat up for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, until the surface undergoes a noticeable color change.
  5. As the griddle heats up, you may notice some smoking. This is normal and part of the seasoning process.

By following these steps, you can successfully season your Blackstone griddle and ensure optimal performance.

How Long Does It Take To Season A Blackstone Griddle?

The seasoning process for a Blackstone griddle typically takes about 10-15 minutes. To begin, clean the griddle with soap and water, ensuring it is completely dry. Next, apply a thin coat of oil to the entire surface, using a paper towel to spread it evenly. Heat the griddle to a high temperature and allow the oil to smoke and oxidize during the seasoning process.

How Do You Know When To Re-Season A Griddle?

How Do You Know When To Re-Season A Griddle?

To determine when to re-season a griddle, pay attention to food sticking to the griddle surface. This is a clear indication that it’s time to apply another layer of seasoning. It’s important to note that this is distinct from simply applying a thin coat of oil after cleaning it each time.

Can I Use Butter To Season My Blackstone Griddle?

No, it is not recommended to use butter for seasoning a Blackstone griddle. It is best to use a high smoke point oil such as flaxseed or vegetable oil, or Blackstone oil conditioner, for seasoning your griddle.

Can I Use Soap And Water To Clean My Blackstone Griddle?

Soap should only be used once to remove the factory coating when cleaning your Blackstone griddle. For regular cleaning, it is recommended to add water to a heated griddle and gently scrape the surface. Please note that using soap to clean your griddle may result in a soapy taste in your food.

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  1. Do canola. And do thin layers. Let them burn off for about 10 minutes between. If you go too thick or you use bacon, you’ll get thicker coating that is gummy and can flake off.

  2. The best way is to fry a bunch of bacon. Then your griddle gets seasoned and you get to eat bacon. Win-win

  3. I do canola, every time. Not even the good stuff…Great Value…the process is more important than the oil. Heat it up, THIN layer of oil, wipe it and let it smoke off a minute…repeat a few times. When it’s done you should have a shiny, even, black surface. Take it easy with the scraper so you don’t peel it back off and get cooking!

  4. That’s what I was thinking about doing. That has worked well with my cast irons.

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