The Essential Salmon Cookbook: From Grilled to Baked




Diane Morgan’s passion for salmon is evident in her global journey from the decks of commercial fishing vessels in Alaska to the aquaculture sites of Scotland, aiming to uncover all there is to know about this beloved fresh fish. She delves into understanding the distinctions between wild and farmed salmon, differentiating among species such as Atlantic, Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye, and highlights the nutritional advantages of incorporating salmon into one’s diet. The highlight of her exploration is the array of recipes she presents. From Salmon Hash and Thai Coconut Soup to Salmon Tacos and an impressively straightforward roasted salmon, she showcases the remarkable adaptability of this fish. Suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, salmon complements a wide range of international flavors and can be prepared through various methods like poaching, smoking, baking, or grilling. Along with practical advice on storage, preparation, filleting, steak cutting, and pin bone removal, and complemented by stunning photographs of renowned fishing locales, Morgan’s “Salmon” is set to make a significant impact in culinary circles.


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